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The Theory of Corporate Finance
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´´Using a single elementary model Tirole brings out with refreshing ease an unsuspected unity and simplicity in a field that might otherwise be perceived as dishearteningly fragmented and complex. This masterful book will be a formidable teaching tool at the graduate level and an essential reference for research in corporate finance.´´--Marco Pagano, Professor of Economics, University of Naples Federico II ´´The field of corporate finance has developed rapidly and extensively in the last twenty years, but those who want to teach it face a barrier: the absence of a widely accepted textbook. Jean Tirole´s book fills that gap. Applying his celebrated analytical and expositional skills, Tirole synthesizes and unifies the field in a clear and accessible manner, emphasizing particularly the connections between corporate finance and contract theory and the role of incentives and control in firms´ financial decisions. The result is a book that will be an important resource for students and teachers alike.´´--Oliver Hart, Andrew E. Furer Professor of Economics, Harvard University ´´With this book, Tirole has provided a comprehensive treatment of modern corporate finance theory in one place with one integrated framework. As a bonus, he also describes many of the important empirical results in corporate finance and how they relate to the theories. The book will be a valuable asset to students (and professors) of corporate finance.´´--Steve Kaplan, Neubauer Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business ´´This is a remarkable book. Theoretical work in corporate finance over the past thirty or so years has yielded a bewildering array ofindividual models, yet Tirole manages to give a beautifully clear and unified treatment of the field. There is a real coherence both within and across the chapters, and one is in many places able to see the close connection between topics that are ordinarily treated as being distinct.

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